Hey, I'm David.

I founded my dog training company, K9 Clarity, because I saw a communication gap between dog owners and their pets.

What I Do

Dog training also requires people training. I work with people so that they know how to better communicate with their dogs. Dogs react to their environment, and so I equip dogs to feel confident and secure in any situation they may be in.


Who I Am

I became a dog trainer, because I'm a dog lover at heart. My wife and I have four dogs: Nala, Drax, Wren, and Brix, and each of them have their own personalities. Nala is a playful couch cuddler, while my other three dogs are always ready for high-intensity protection training. Our dogs are also loved by our son and two cats.


My Work

I work with clients with a wide variety of needs. Some dog owners are interested in targeting household behaviors, while others may want to bring their dog safely outside and on other adventures. My specialty is Schutzhund, a program that trains dogs to perform certain protection behaviors.

Say Hi.

If you're interested in my dog training journey or want to look into training your own dog, email me at david@k9clarity.com or find us on social media.